As you may know I have created two online programs to help you if you are struggling with your marriage or facing divorce. One is a 7 day program entitled, “Stop Your Divorce: Save Your Marriage When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To” and the other is a 30 day program called  the “Save Your Marriage Relationship Transformation” program.

Both of these programs contain a very effective step-by-step system to take your marriage from the place of pain where it is now, to not only being saved and you and your spouse staying together, but also to show you how you can build a marriage that is even stronger than it was before -  by making sure that you are building the right foundations for your marriage so that it keeps getting better with time rather than falling off the rails.

Both of these programs are very effective - and I have many testimonials from people telling me what a difference they have made to their own marriage - but I’m very often asked the question:

What is the difference between your two programs?

And furthermore,

Which one would be the more suitable one for me in my marriage situation?

Aside from the fact that one is 7 days and the other is 30 days in length there are some significant differences.

Firstly, some background on how and why I created these programs. If you’ve been listening to any of my podcasts, or read any of my Kindle books, or in fact know anything about me at all, you’ll know that my approach is really all about helping couples (and individuals) to understand WHY their marriage is in trouble. Most of the time, when things go wrong, people tend to look at their problems and think that if they can just solve one or two problems in their marriage then everything will be fine. So they focus on a problem and try to come up with a solution. And that problem could be that your spouse is having an affair, or perhaps they’ve told you that they no longer love you, or there’s no intimacy in your marriage any more. Maybe the communication has gone and your whole relationship is filled with anger, bitterness and resentment.

If you are reading this I’m sure you are experiencing one or more of these problems and certainly they’re extremely difficult to deal with. But the reality is that the way to deal with them - and in fact the ONLY way to get rid of them completely and restore your marriage - is not to try to fix the problem directly, but to look at the real CAUSE of the problem: why is the problem occurring in the first place? You see, problems are simply the symptoms of something deeper within a marriage, so to solve them you need to start looking deeper - actually you need to look somewhere else completely, and that’s what my programs get you to do.

The places to start looking are: firstly, within the structure of your marriage. How is your marriage put together? Does it have all the right pieces in place to create the picture you want? The second place to look is within yourself. Hmmm….interesting!

So that is the fundamental approach of my two programs and it’s what makes them so effective.

Now here is some information about each program specifically so that you can decide which one would be best for you. Of course, I’d actually recommend you do them BOTH, as together they’re going to give you everything you need to take your marriage to a whole new level of happiness and fulfilment. And of course you can get both programs together - when you purchase the 30 day program, the 7 day program is included at no extra cost.

My shorter program is called: "Stop Your Divorce: Save Your Marriage When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To". It’s a 7 day course, consisting of audios and worksheets every day for 7 days (and 1 bonus day) and the name really explains what it’s about. It’s specifically designed for people whose marriage has reached the point where their husband or wife is wanting to walk out (or already has walked out) and they need to do something TODAY to stop them from leaving (or to get them back if they have already gone). If you are in this situation, you’ll know that it’s an extremely difficult thing to deal with. If your husband or wife is adamant that your marriage is over then it leaves you with only a few options. Obviously counselling isn’t one of them (at least not for your spouse). So this program is very much about showing you what you should do - and what you should NOT do - to stop the ‘bleeding’ as it were and get your spouse to reconsider.

There are two fundamental things that this program shows you: the right way to THINK and the right things to DO. Tragically, nearly everyone who is in this situation thinks and does all the WRONG things - and it only pushes their husband or wife away from them faster and further. But it’s amazing what you can achieve with just a slight adjustment to what you do. It’s actually incredible what a big difference small changes - the RIGHT changes - can make.

So if you are in the situation where your spouse wants a divorce, or where your marriage has got to the point where divorce just seems inevitable then take a look at the Stop Your Divorce program. Perhaps you think you’ve already tried everything there is, maybe you’re feeling emotionally exhausted by the whole situation and you don’t think there is any hope. Well in fact there IS always hope - IF you’re committed to really saving your marriage, and this program could be the opportunity you need to turn things around. Most people find the information here very different to what they have heard already - and if you really do what I suggest in the program you could be very surprised by what happens.

All the details about the Stop Your Divorce program are here: stopyourdivorce

The other program is my Save Your Marriage Relationship Transformation program. This lasts for 30 days, again with audios and worksheets for each day. This is a much more in depth look at how to rebuild your marriage by doing what I talked about earlier, and that is looking at the whole structure of your marriage. It’s about who you and your spouse are as people - what makes you both tick, and how YOUR marriage actually works. Tragically, most people don’t have a clue about how they or their marriage work. And if you don’t know how something works you’re not going to be able to keep it in good shape, let alone fix things that go wrong.

So you’re going to discover such things as how to heal hurts from events that have happened in the past but which are continuing to damage your marriage today. Perhaps one of you is hanging on to bad memories that you can’t shake off, or you’re unable to forgive each other for something that happened in the past. You’ll learn how to truly communicate with your spouse in a deep way and in a way that is going to make you both really understand each other. You’ll also discover how to rebuild intimacy (perhaps you’re in a sexless marriage - you’ll learn some ‘interesting’ techniques to get the sizzle back!).

There’s so much in this program that you could literally spend a lifetime using the information. Actually, I hope you will because the skills you will learn you will be able to apply to your marriage for the rest of your life and see it just keep getting better and better).

So the 30 Day program is about literally  creating a new marriage for yourself and your spouse - that’s why I call it Relationship ‘Transformation’.  And by the way, both programs are designed so that you can work on them on your own. You don’t need your spouse to be working on them with you for you to see some great results in your marriage.

All the details about the Save Your Marriage program are here: saveyourmarriage

These are the basic differences between the two programs. Not only are they different, but they are in many ways totally complementary of each other. Because of that I’ve included both programs together when you enrol in the 30 Day Relationship Transformation program. You essentially get the 7 day program for free with the 30 day program. I hope this has clarified for you the difference between the two and which one is going to help you the most.

Wherever you are with your marriage, I’m assuming you currently are experiencing real challenges.  You may even be looking at the end of your marriage, and with it all of your great memories from the past and hopes for the future. Well the reality is that you could be just a few steps away from creating a complete turnaround in your situation. My approach is very different but the good news is that this stuff really works if you take the time to learn and apply it. Is your marriage worth it? I’m sure you will agree that it is. Take a look at these programs - All the details are on my website. Choose the one (or both) that fits your situation and let’s get you back into the happy and stress-free marriage you really want and deserve to have. After all, there really is only one kind of marriage worth having, and that’s a great one!

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