Welcome! A Special Message from Liam...

Liam Naden
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Welcome! A Special Message from Liam...

Hello I’m Liam Naden and I wanted to welcome you to the Save Your Marriage program. I want to congratulate you for taking the action to save your marriage and I’m committed to helping you achieve your goal. I’m proud and humbled to say that many people have saved their marriage using the information in the program you now have.

Before you start though, are you in the situation where you want to save your marriage but your husband or wife doesn’t want to? Are you trying to save your marriage on your own?

If you are then I would really recommend you also enrol in my special 7-day program and, because you’ve already purchased the Save Your Marriage program, as a one-off incentive if you act now, you can get a discount of $100 off.

This program is called Stop Your Divorce When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To and as the name suggests it contains the specific actions you need to take when it is your spouse who is hostile to you or who wants a divorce.

It’s a seven-day program that shows you exactly how to get the wall down between you so that you can start to rebuild your relationship. And that is whether they have stopped talking to, won’t listen to you or even if they have already moved out. It’s a highly-effective program.

The program also contains a couple of special features that aren’t in my 30-day program. The first is a special letter that I call the “When all else is lost” letter. This is a letter that you can send - obviously modified into your own words - but it’s a letter you can give to your spouse if, despite all of your efforts, they still haven’t changed their mind about leaving you. It’s an extremely powerful letter, and in fact many people have found that it was the one thing that managed to save their marriage for them.

This letter is only available in the 7-Day Stop Your Divorce program.

The program also contains a unique technique called the PERT technique. I don’t teach this anywhere else, but it’s a way of getting your spouse to feel good about you again, no matter who things are between you at the moment. Perhaps they’re not talking to you, they might have already left and told you that they don’t want any contact. Well whatever it is, you can use the PERT technique to break the ice and get them to start talking to you and interacting positively with you again. It’s a way of bringing back the feelings of the early days of your marriage, and it’s very effective.

Both of these are included only in the 7-Day program. If you’d like to take advantage of the special one-off discount offer, click the link below.

And I wish you all the best in saving your marriage.


The 7 Day Stop Your Divorce Programs contains

  • Audio lessons
  • Worksheets
  • "When All is Lost" letter
  • PERT technique

Special One-Time Offer: 
$100 Off

Normally: $277.
Your Price: just $177 (Save $100)