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One-Time Special Offer

Upgrade to the Complete Save Your Marriage Relationship Transformation System

30-day Program with everything you need to save and rebuild your marriage

Just some of what is included:

  • How to truly and deeply forgive your spouse for past hurts - and get them to forgive you.
  • How to rebuild attraction by understanding each others’ “love language” (do this and they will never want to leave).
  • How to create an amazing sex life (even if it has become non-existent).
  • How to stop financial, family and other pressures from ruining your relationship.
  • How to get your spouse to be affectionate to you.
  • How to get your spouse to really listen to you.
  • How to stop the arguments and abuse once and for all.
  • How to build trust between your and your spouse again.
  • How to change your spouse’s behaviour.
  • How to deal with a suspicious or controlling spouse.
  • And much more....

This is the ultimate marriage guide with hours of audios showing exactly what to do to rebuild every area of your marriage.

Program Outline:

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Why your marriage is really in trouble (it’s almost certainly not what you think)
  • The four myths that keep people in a state of permanent pain in their marriage

Module 2 - Heal the Hurt

  • How to overcome any hurt in your marriage – permanently and quickly
  • How to truly forgive your spouse, no matter what they have done
  • How to get over the hurt from an affair
  • How to ensure you are not taken advantage of in your marriage
  • How to make a fresh start
  • How to get your spouse to forgive you
  • How to immediately break the cycle of hurt and pain and begin to make a fresh start in your marriage – even if your spouse is unwilling or not interested

Module 3 - Getting What You Really Want and Need – While Still Meeting Your Spouse’s Needs

  • How to know what you really want from your marriage
  • How to ensure YOUR needs are met in your marriage
  • Build the picture of your ideal marriage – and begin to create it right away

Module 4 - Rebuilding the Attraction

  • How to get your spouse instantly and deeply attracted to you again
  • How to create a level of attraction that will make them never want to leave you
  • How to make your spouse feel truly and deeply loved by you

Module 5 - Transform Your Communication

  • How to finally get your spouse to hear and understand what you are trying to say
  • The three communication languages: what they are and how to use them
  • How to eliminate arguments from your marriage
  • How to get the two of you talking the same language
  • How to take your communication to a new level
  • How to share your innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of rejection or hurt

Module 6 - Create Sizzling Intimacy

  • How to create an amazing sexual relationship
  • How to get your spouse to totally fulfil you sexually
  • How to create deep trust and intimacy in your sex life

Module 7 - Create the Ultimate Sexual Relationship

  • The magic formula that keeps your sex life fresh and exciting
  • How to overcome issues of low libido
  • How to unlock your spouse’s deepest sexual desires

Module 8 - Growing in Love for Life

  • How to ensure your marriage remains fresh and exciting
  • How to stop problems before they develop
  • How to ensure your marriage will endure – in spite of outside pressures or problems
  • How to create a marriage that is is a haven of love and deep joy

Here is what you get when you enrol today:


The Save Your Marriage Transformation Program

28 Audio Lessons

Instantly downloadable so you can start immediately to heal your marriage.

Fits into your schedule: Listen at a time and place that suits you (driving, working out, etc).

From the moment you finish listening to the first audio you will have a new sense of certainty that you will heal your marriage.

You will see an immediate improvement in your relationship with your spouse. You will see your spouse begin to respond to you in a much more positive way.

The hurts and pain will fade away - as the feelings of love and intimacy grow between you.

And what you learn in these audio lessons you will keep with you for the rest of your marriage - building a strong foundation for the future!

28 Worksheets

These simple yet extremely powerful worksheets will rapidly increase your learning and the progress you make in rebuilding your marriage.

Right Thoughts and Right Actions will become deeply embedded in you. You will start doing the right things automatically, so that you literally become “hard wired” for marriage and relationship success.

If you are doing the program alone, this is the point where your spouse will become curious about the changes in you - and may even want to do the program with you!

And if you are doing the program together, the worksheets allow you to share your thoughts, building even greater intimacy and communication between you.

Imagine the feelings of excitement and confidence as you see your greater understanding translate into even faster progress!


Special Bonus:

“Heal Your Hurt” Guided Meditation ($29 Value) 

In this specially designed audio track (narrated by me) I guide you to embed new beliefs deep within your subconscious mind. Here you will quickly and effortlessly reduce and eliminate the pain from past hurts and memories.
After just a few listens to this audio, you will at last have the sense of peace and release that you have been looking for.
You will finally be able to release the pain caused by betrayal, affairs, dishonesty, anger and any other destructive events from your marriage. You will finally be able to forgive your spouse for the past and move on to a happier, brighter future.
This is a very powerful audio. Many people have noted this to be the cause of the true turning point in their marriage.

Special One-Time Offer:

$100 Off

Normally: $497.
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