Online Marriage Programs

Stop Your Divorce Program

A program specifically designed for individuals and couples who are facing divorce. You will learn a quick and powerful method to get your spouse interested in you and your marriage again.

Save Your Marriage Program

A revolutionary system specifically designed for those who are facing the agony of their marriage ending. You will learn how to overcome past hurts, rekindle your love and build a healthy, strong marriage for the future.

  • Includes advanced methods for deep attraction, communication and forgiveness.
  • Also suitable for couples wanting to heal their marriage and create ever-deeper intimacy and love.
  • Also an ideal complement to the Stop Your Divorce - Even if Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To program.
9 habits Program

9 Habits for an Unshakeable Marriage

All great marriages share in common nine habits. This program will show you what they are and how to turn them into habits to build a wonderful - and unshakeable - marriage.

Other Online Relationship Programs

GPYB Program Image

Get Past Your Breakup Program

This program will enable you get over the pain and heartache of the end of your marriage or relationship and move forward in your life as the best version of you.

Happy Blended Family Program

This program will help you create a truly harmonious and loving blended family so that you all move forward and create a wonderful life together.

Stop all the conflict and drama in your blended family (stepfamily) - quickly, easily and for good!