054 - Valentines DayHow Valentines Day Can REALLY Save and Strengthen Your Marriage

In this episode Liam talks about the real meaning of Valentines Day – and how its true message can be used every day of the year to make a profound difference to your marriage.

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Sir....you have helped me so much. The first few weeks were filled with so much anxiety and panic, I was literally paralysed. I would play your podcast, wake up startled when it ended, and start it over...simply because your message stopped the mind-chatter. I knew I needed sleep to keep the other parts of my life in a semi-functional state. Your positive message helped get me through some very, very dark times.
Regardless of whether or not my marriage survives, or anyone else's for that matter, your podcasts help on so many levels. I want you to know that. You have a wonderful voice. Keep fighting the good fight with it.

Kate W., US