Podcast 020 - The Key to Creating Great Communication in Your Marriage. True communication is impossible without this one key ingredient.True communication is impossible without this one key ingredient.

Is a lack of communication in your marriage causing problems in your marriage? In this episode Liam explains what true communication really is and the single thing you need to do to transform it. He also reveals things you can do right now to see an immediate improvement between you and your spouse.

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Initially I discovered your Growing in Love for Life podcast. These really spoke to me and gave me some direction when there was none.

I subsequently enrolled in both the Stop your Divorce and Save Your Marriage courses. These provided a completely new perspective and made an instant impact on my situation.

We’ve now moved from ‘broken up’ to ‘working in things’. I have a long way to go but I’m confident I have the tools and learnings to stick with it and get the right outcome.

Steve S., Sydney, Australia.