Podcast 018 - Save and Strengthen Your Marriage: Relationship Transformation. Your questions answered about saving and strengthening your marriage .Your questions answered about saving and strengthening your marriage

As this is now the 18th episode of the Growing in Love for Life podcast, Liam explains what you really need to save your marriage and to transform it into a truly great relationship. Listen as he outlines the Save Your Marriage Relationship Transformation Program – Note: The special offer mentioned in this episode is no longer available.

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I have to say that even after previewing a number of your free podcasts I was very skeptical. While I understood in my head that I have no control over whether my wife stays or goes, I've been able to translate that to my heart. As a result I've been more light hearted in the last five days than I have in the past two years. I no longer feel this black cloud hanging over my head - 24/7... I know this won't shock you, but we've also talked much more and had much lighter conversations in the last five days. I know it's early in the program but it does appear to work.

Tony B., Maryland, US