Podcast 013 – The Only Two Things You Need to Save and Strengthen Your Marriage. There are only two things standing between you and a successful marriage.There are only two things standing between you and a successful marriage.

Liam Naden shares the two things that are vital if you really want to save your marriage. He also outlines a six-step process that can change your marriage  – and your life.

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The program has really helped me a lot. ... We are doing so much better. We are laughing like at the beginning. She even told me that she notices things happening like when we first started. This information has helped me tremendously. I know that if I would have found this information sooner, my marriage would be in better shape. I have been recommending you a lot. I think that everyone wanting to get married, should take this course, and then retake it every so often. Sometimes life and situations causes to get us to forget so many things. I like that I feel that I know myself better. I feel with a lot of peace and much much happier as a person. Some days I still struggle a little, trying to hold on to the outcome, and I get a little anxious, then I try to remember and apply what I have learned, and it helps. I don't want to forget all this knowledge. I want to remember, and I want to really make the changes last forever.

Angela P., Australia