Podcast 005 – The Perfect Marriage: What it Is and How to Turn YOURS Into One. What does a great – or even “perfect” – marriage look like? It is really possible to achieve?What does a great – or even “perfect” – marriage look like? It is really possible to achieve?

The answers to these two questions are not what you probably think. Yet they are vital if you ever hope to turn your marriage from a place of pain to one of great joy.

Here Liam Naden outlines the key ingredients of a great marriage and the four things you need to do to achieve it. Do these things and you will be surprised how quickly you can turn things around, in even the worst of marriage situations.

Also, download the free “Thought-sheet” (click here to download) that will help clarify things further and get you on the road to a happy marriage even faster.

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I did what you suggested and am amazed at the turnaround. He has suddenly become extremely affectionate and does not want us to separate. He has also agreed to get some professional help for possible depression if I agree to stay with him. Which is massive considering he would not even acknowledge he had a problem before. Thank you for your advice. I did not expect this reaction.

Vanessa A., US