1If your marriage is struggling, this is the podcast for you. Helpful tips, ideas and strategies for saving your marriage and creating the relationship you really want.

If you are experiencing problems in your marriage or relationship, this podcast will help. Relationship coach Liam Naden shares tools and strategies that get to the heart of how to rescue a marriage and give you the passion and intimacy that you really want to have. Stop divorce from happening to you with marriage advice in this podcast.

This podcast deals with the real causes of problems in a marriage and how to solve them. Fun, engaging and practical, it’s a valuable resource for anyone experiencing marriage difficulties and who wants to save their marriage.

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I have to say that even after previewing a number of your free podcasts I was very skeptical. While I understood in my head that I have no control over whether my wife stays or goes, I've been able to translate that to my heart. As a result I've been more light hearted in the last five days than I have in the past two years. I no longer feel this black cloud hanging over my head - 24/7... I know this won't shock you, but we've also talked much more and had much lighter conversations in the last five days. I know it's early in the program but it does appear to work.

Tony B., Maryland, US