Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


I don’t want my spouse to know about this. What will appear on my credit card statement for this payment?

Your credit card payment will appear as ‘PAYPAL’. And rest assured all of your information is totally confidential and we will never share your details with anyone else, including your spouse.

Will all of my details stay anonymous?

Rest assured all of your information is totally confidential and I will never share your details with anyone else.

Login Problems

Where do I login to the programs?

My password is incorrect

Please check BOTH your email AND your Password.
Passwords are case sensitive so make sure you type it correctly or even better copy and past it.

I have forgotten my password

Please use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.

I have forgotten what email address I use

Please email malen@liamnaden.com - she will help you find out and send you your login details.

Programs General

Should I tell my spouse I am doing this program?

That is really up to you. The program is designed so that you can complete it on your own with or without them knowing about it. The program is also designed for couples to work on together, although this is not essential for it to work.

Does your program have anything to do with subliminal messages, mind control or any other ways of manipulating or controlling my spouse?

Absolutely not. Everything in the program is straightforward and powerful, without resorting to mind control and trickery (which doesn’t work anyway).

Why is this program better than counselling?

The beauty of my program is that you can listen to the information on the audios and read the written materials whenever and as often as you like. This will let the ideas really 'sink in'. You don’t need to try to “remember” what a counsellor said during a session. In this program, the advice and information comes to you, and stays with you for whenever you need or want it.

Can I play the audios on my phone?

Yes you can. You can also download the audios to listen to anywhere that is convenient for you. A good idea is to listen to them in your car while you are driving.

How long do I have access to the programs?

You have lifetime access to all the materials in the program. So you can revisit the information any time you like in the future.

Will I need additional coaching ?

The program is designed to be completely self contained and will address virtually any situation you may be facing in your breakup. However, if you do want additional coaching from me personally, you can book private sessions with me here.

Do I have to do a session every day?

No you don’t. The lessons are short and enjoyable and you will probably find yourself looking forward to them!

However, for best results, take the program at your own pace, even if that means missing a day here or there.

Can my spouse/partner access the program?

Yes, you can share the login information.

Get Past Your Breakup Program

Will this program help me get my ex back?

No. If you want to save your marriage, I have other coaching programs for that.

However, what you will find is that your relationship with your ex will be a lot better by doing this program!

Happy Blended Family Program

Do we need to do the Lessons together?

The program is divided into individual and shared lessons.

Do we have to do a Lesson every day?

It is best to do some work on the program every day. However, I realise families are busy places with many distractions!

As long as you commit to completing the program within a reasonable timeframe (a couple of weeks) then that will be fine. But be warned: The Lessons are designed to be enjoyable, so you might just find yourself looking forward to them and not wanting to skip a day!

Can I do this program alone? What if some of my family members aren’t interested?

You don’t NEED to involve all your family members (however the program will show you how to get even the most resentful child interested).