Imagine a child (perhaps your child) coming to you and asking for an ice cream just as you are about to serve dinner.

Are you going to give it to them?

Almost certainly not.

Why? Probably for several reasons:

  • You've already prepared other food (dinner) for them to eat
  • The time is not right
  • You don't think ice cream is very healthy and they should only have it occasionally
  • They need to learn that they can't just demand something whenever they want and get it

But the bottom line is:

You're not going to give them what they want because it's simply not the right thing for them to have.

And it doesn't matter how much they plead, beg, get angry or upset, make promises ("I promise I'll eat my dinner after the ice cream...") or even are nice to you.

No matter how determined they are or what tactic they try, they are simply not going to get that ice cream!

Odd as it may seem, the same principle applies to what you want and your goals. 

You may think you want something.

But there's a "higher" part of you that knows whether it's best for you or not.

And if it knows that your goal isn't right for you.... it's going to make sure you don't get it!

So it's going to put obstacles in your way.

It's going to make trying to achieve that goal very, very difficult.

It's going to make you struggle with endless stress and setbacks.

It's going to do everything to block you from getting what you think you want - so that you give up trying.

If you want to succeed in getting what you truly want - which is really only one thing: to be happy - you must give up chasing the wrong goals.

No matter how justified you might feel, no matter how much effort you've put into your goal until now, no matter what you think is the cost of stopping now....

If it's the wrong goal, you have to give it up! 

And then (and only then) the right goal for you will appear.

How do you do this?

Start using your brain the right way.

When you use your brain the right way, you'll not only see what the right goals are for you, but you'll give up going after the wrong goals...

You'll see the right things to do (and the wrong things not to do) and you'll feel motivated and energised to do them.

You will put in the right effort instead of struggle.

Your life will be filled with joy rather than stress.

You will succeed rather than carry on failing.

And magic will start to happen in your life.

You wouldn't dream of giving a child what you know is bad for them - no matter how much they wanted it.

And it's the same with your "Higher Intelligence".

Let it show you (and give you) what you really want and need.

And your life will become what it is supposed to be: a fun adventure rather than a painful ordeal.

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