Catholic Life Coach for Men Podcast with Michael Jaquith:

Do not be afraid with Liam Naden

"The human brain is way more powerful than most of us realize. It can perform calculations faster than any supercomputer in the world, and it has a direct line connection to the Almighty Himself.
How we use our brains, our minds, and our hearts is essential to our ability to find success and meaning in our lives. It’s not easy! We are surrounded by lies and limitations that we don’t need to buy into.
Join me in this episode as I introduce Liam Naden, a coach, writer, and teacher who specializes in how using your brain differently can bring the success you are looking for. We have an awesome conversation about how fear and our beliefs can get in our way.
If you want to have the marriage, family, job, or life-in-general that you want, you need to surrender control of it to God. Listen in to get some advice on how to do that."

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Tom B., US

Hi Liam. My wife actually put me on to you. She sent me some audio files last week and told me she liked them. Your approach is rather different from what we've encountered previously. It has offered us both, I believe, a unique angle on our issues. Thanks Liam.