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Just some of what you will learn:

  • Why being kind to your spouse is actually pushing them further away (page 20)
  • The real cause of your marriage problems (very few people realise this)….and what to do about it (page 14)
  • How your brain works….and why it is literally forcing your spouse to feel unattracted to you (page 33)
  • The 3 ways to instantly build attraction and get your spouse feeling good about you (Hint: you’re doing this already, but in the opposite way)
  • How to get your spouse to want to be with you, even if you are already separated and they don’t want to see you (page 63)
  • The 1 thing that couples in great marriages do that no other couples do (page 60)

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  • Get your spouse attracted to you again
  • Heal any hurt or resentment in your marriage
  • Rebuild love and intimacy
  • End your spouse’s affair
  • Stop your divorce
  • Overcome your spouse’s mid-life crisis
  • Bring back the passion and excitement
  • Overcome the confusion and frustration you feel


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