Researchers have estimated that in nature, there is a 98% success rate.

What that means is that 98% of all living things live successfully, not only surviving but thriving. Living as they are biologically designed to live.

There is only a very small percentage of biological failure (just 2%).

A tree might grow on the side of a cliff and fall over. A freak flood might come and wash away plants and animals. A drought might cause animals to starve.

But, in their natural environment, nearly all living things do well.

But for one living species the opposite is true: there is a 98% failure rate. Only 2% succeed, thriving and living at their best.

Which species is that?

Us! Humans.

98% of the human race are what we would call “biological failures”. Stressed, unhappy and living way below their full potential. 

This is not only tragic - but puzzling…...

Why are we the “odd one out” in the natural world?

After all, we’re a biological species like any other. We’re subject to the same “rules” as the rest of nature. We should be just as successful, surely?

So what’s the difference?

Well it turns out, it’s not anything to do with who we actually are. We’re equally designed biologically to survive and thrive.

The difference is in what humans do. How we live.

And more specifically, how we use our natural in-built biological mechanism: our brain.

Our brain is biologically designed to ensure we survive and thrive, living at our best, like the rest of nature.

But it needs to be used the right way.

The rest of nature instinctively knows how to use their brain the right way.

But we humans have been led astray… filled with all sorts of ideas and beliefs about how we should live….that are simply wrong.

That’s why most people aren’t getting the results they want.

The solution is very simple:

Learn to use the “biological machine” that you have - that is designed to make you a success - the right way.

And it will naturally bring you the success you are designed to have: thriving, enjoying a productive life with happiness and joy rather than problems…..

Being the best you can be.

Start using your brain the right way.

That’s all you need to do.

Showing you how to use your brain the right way is what my podcast “Using Your Brain for Success” and all my coaching programs are about. You can check them out on my website

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Patricia P., Oregon, US

...your podcasts saved me.
My husband of 15 years left me via a Skype message last January, moved out and started immediately being with other women.
I was blindsided, heartbroken and devastated. I couldn't sleep and was googling how to survive a heartbreak. After a couple weeks of turmoil I stumbled into your podcasts on You Tube.
Since I wasn't sleeping or functioning I listened to them day and night and you transformed me. I bought your Stop Your Divorce program and did all the steps. I was doing everything wrong prior to that, pleading begging, guilting him...
I started working on myself...many many mistakes, but my life started to turn around. I lost 20 pounds, was running daily and working out, spending lots of time with friends and outdoors doing what I love. Working hard at my career.
My husband wanted nothing to do with me, told me to give up hope, there was no chance of reconciliation. So I gave up and I filed for divorce.
I met another man....a good man. We started dating, he thinks he is in love with me and seems to offer everything I say I am looking for. But I still love my husband. husband is back, says he went temporarily insane, that he loves only me and we can make this work. He is listening to your podcasts.....
With deepest regard, admiration and respect,